DPO310-(1in 1out)1 clutch

DPO310-(1in 1out)1 clutch
DPO310-(1in 1out)1 clutch
ModelRatioMax Input [rpm]Output L/R [kg.m]Weight[kg]Bell Housing

Key features

– Same rotation of Output/Input

– Live pulley provided(9″, C type, 3 grooves)

– Versatility of Output types

– Attachable for both side of front(pulley) and rear(bell housing) of the engine

– Directly attachable with Pump pad

– Monitoring function to see the rotation provided when you choose pump as output type

– SAE C D pumps are available(If required, needs processing)

– SAE C D adaptor provided

– Pressure gauge provided as standard


– Propulsion device of Stern drive

– Clutch for power train

– Drive for hydraulic devices or accessories

– Diesel power unit system

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