JPR-ST4010 JMP Marine Seawater Filter - ST Series 1.5" BSP Ports


Product Information & Specs:
Inlet / Outlet Port Size: 1.50" BSP Pipe
Top Casting: Bronze
Bottom Casting: Bronze
Basket: Stainless
Basket Filter Replacement p/n: FIL000302 (2mm)
Anode Replacement p/n: ZEN000101
Seal: O-Ring
Size (A X B X C): 210mm x 334mm x 235mm

  • A = Top Width / Dia
  • B = Height
  • C = Bottom Width / Dia

Cylinder (Dia X H): 180mm x 190mm
Weight (Approx): 22.0 LBS / 10.0 KG

Peformance Table - Flow Rate
066 L/Min138 L/Min268 L/Min295 L/Min
157 L/Min122 L/Min250 L/Min283 L/Min
244 L/Min103 L/Min232 L/Min250 L/Min
321 L/Min77 L/Min175 L/Min203 L/Min
Max3.4 bar4.2 bar----

Product Features:

  • Robust Bronze Casting
  • Robust Stainless with Chrome Plated Filter Baskets
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Protects Your Pumps and Engines
  • Transparent and Strong Cylinder
  • O-Rings Provide Better Sealing under High Pressure Applications
  • Zinc Bar
  • Wingnut
  • Center Rods
  • Air Cap
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