STEYR Control Center 2

STEYR Control Center 2
STEYR Control Center 2

The established Steyr Control Center (SCC) is now available in a new generation with the SCC 2 replacing the former version.
The SCC 2 offers enhanced features and an even more intuitive user interface for best handling and highest comfort.


1 New interface design for more comfort and safety
   - Full-color, 7-inch bonded LCD for brighter, smoother graphics and
     best-in-class sunlight readability
   - IP66 and 67, front and back
   - Storage temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
   - Different menus and options available, display configurations can be personalized

2 Improved functionality
   - RPM gauge and coolant gauge include engine-specific warning signal
   - Automatic setting of battery charge indication gauge
     (12 V / 24 V depending on alternator model)
   - Size of fuel tank incl. low level alarm, gear ratio and propeller pitch configurable
      via the display unit
   - Optional: Fuel tank level indication via engine CAN bus
   - Optional: Display of fuel density and manifold exhaust temperature
      (requires Fuel Compensation Kit)

3 Engine diagnostics for easy trouble shooting
   - Active service codes are shown and can be deleted (alarm menu)
   - Live graphs of three individually selectable parameters are displayed (diagram menu)

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